I'm a developer who gets things done.

As an experienced developer, I've come to value:

Details matter
Know your tools
Laziness as a virtue
Perfect is the enemy of good

Top Shelf Actionscript

I've been delivering Actionscript professionally since 2007. I've enjoyed playing with all the goodies: facial recognition, multiplayer servers, real time 3D, augmented reality, physics engines, and more. The closer to the bleeding edge, the better.

I'm actively accepting contracts for touch screen installations and rich media sites.


I've been ready to diversify for a while now. After kicking the tires on a variety of languages, I knew I'd met my match with Rails. Given my experience and the ease of the language, I feel qualified to take on ambitious Rails projects.

I'm currently seeking Rails contracts/positions.
My preference would be a startup where I could contribute to more than just the codebase.

Featured Projects

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